The Best Protein Powder For Building Muscle

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Are Protein Powders the best Muscle Building Supplements?
If So, what is the best protein powder and why? Read on to learn what the best choice of protein for you is…

If you’re looking to add a protein shake to your diet and reap the rewards for faster muscle gain you need to know a little bit about which type of protein would be best for you and why.

There are far too many protein products on the market out there today. Why? Because the fact remains that a good quality supply of protein can help you boost your effort in gaining muscle faster than by not taking it. It’s a fact, protein builds muscle!

Whey Protein

Whey protein is considered to be the best protein powder available. Used a lot by body builders as well as all kinds of athletes and everyday, healthy-minded people going to work out at the gym.

Why Whey Protein?

Did you know that whey protein was once thrown out by the cheese industry? It was discovered that this type of protein, which started as a by-product of cheese, is the fastest and easiest way to get pure, high quality protein into your body.

Whey protein feeds our body’s amino acids what they need to repair and build muscle, organs and other tissue. Some foods are a complete source of protein, such as eggs, meats and dairy while other foods are not a complete source so depending on how well-rounded your diet is you may benefit greatly from a protein supplement, especially if you’re working hard at building muscle.

Proven Benefits of Whey Protein

No matter what exercise regiment you’re on, and what your end goal is, nothing can beat a well-balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Keep in mind that processed foods can cause many health problems too, and everyone’s goal should be to eliminate as much of it as possible.

A good supplementation of a quality protein can help you to:

  • loose extra fat
  • speed up the muscle building process
  • increase your body’s good cholesterol while decreasing the bad kind
  • strengthen the body’s immune system
  • help build more strength for sports and workouts
  • decreases the body’s recovery time after gruelling workout sessions

Any Side Effects With Taking Whey Protein?

your body can recover faster from a hard workout by taking a good protein powder

your body can recover faster from a hard workout by taking a good protein powder

Some people get an upset stomach when first taking whey protein. Common complaints are:

  • excessive gas
  • bloating
  • cramps
  • headaches
  • fatigue

Some of the digestive related side effects are usually associated with Whey Protein Concentrate because of it’s high amounts of lactose and sweeteners. This Concentrate type of whey is the cheapest stuff to buy and contains a smaller amount of actual whey protein than some other types you’ll learn about shortly.

Some research has shown that taking too much protein can cause havoc with your kidneys. This has only been shown to be true with those who suffer from a pre-existing kidney disease and not the average person experiencing normal health.

What’s the best protein powder for you?

1. Concentrate

As stated previously, the lowest priced whey in the market is whey protein concentrate because it has the lowest amount of actual protein in it. Many people can still get good results from this type because this lower amount of protein is still as high as almost 90%. If you don’t mind a little more fat in your protein mix and are ok with lactose this type may work well for you, and save you some money along the way.

#1 Recommended Whey Protein Concentrate:

cytosportBest Price on Cytosport Complete Whey

This product has high quality protein with very little fat, sugar, or carbohydrates compared to others in this category.

It’s contains Glutamine and Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), minerals, lactalbumin, and lactoferrin. Complete Whey is also rich in nutrients which can help glutathione levels (an anti-oxidant that may help support healthy immune system function).

It’s also instantized for easy mixing. Their popular 5lb tub will give you 81 (28 g) servings each containing:

  • 110 calories
  • 20 g protein
  • 2 g fat
  • 2 g sugar


2. Isolate

Whey protein isolate has a slightly higher amount of protein and less fat and lactose than concentrate, making it a better quality option but also a little more expensive. With isolate you get more protein in the same serving size with less fat as well.

#1 Recommended Whey Protein Isolate:

optimum 100 whey protein productBest Price on Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey

Well, it’s not actually 100% protein as the name implies but this best-selling product contains the highest amount of protein in a whey isolate which is 90% protein by package weight.

This 1lb tub is good for 15 (29.4 g) servings and each serving contains:

  • 120 calories
  • 23 g protein
  • 15 g fat
  • 1 g sugar

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3. Hydrolysate

Whey protein hydrolysate is the best you can buy. This type is made up of almost 100% pure whey protein, and you guessed it, it’s the most expensive too. The heating of the protein used in the hydrolysation process allows it to be absorbed more quickly into the body than the other two types… this process also makes it taste a bit more bitter and so it might not be the best tasting one if that is your main concern.

#1 Recommended Protein Hydrolysate:

Now-HydrolysateBest Price on NOW Whey Protein Hydrolysate

This is a high quality protein product that is enzymatically hydrolyzed, which for you means increased bioavailability and absorptionthan other forms of whole proteins.

Also contains naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), and is instantized for easy mixability and contains no artificial flavours.

This 2lb tub contains around 22 (42 g)  servings and each serving contains:

  • 150 calories
  • 25 g protein
  • 3 g fat
  • 2 g sugar